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Tang Soo Do is a Korean style of martial arts that is closely related to Tae Kwon Do. Tang Soo Do is one of the most aerobically and cardio-vascularly challenging martial arts in which a person can train. The constant movement up-and-down the floor, performing kicks and punches, works up quite a sweat and will assuredly keep you in shape. The focus of training is to build up endurance and stamina while teaching solid self-defense techniques.

Each class begins with a warm-up such as running, plyometrics and circuits, followed by stretching.

Classes then focus on moving up-and-down the floor with blocking, punching and kicking drills.

We spend a good portion of each class practicing and perfecting your forms (or hyung), a series of pre-arranged movements designed to force the student to perform certain movements numerous times to achieve proficiency. Forms practice is one of the most challenging aspects of Tang Soo Do training as our forms are made up of challenging combinations of kicks, punches and blocks. Our forms are the backbone of the style and define what Tang Soo Do really is. The forms are unique to our system and were designed by Grandmaster Song Ki Pak to truly challenge students to be the best martial artists possible.

Each belt test has a board breaking requirement. This challenge is designed to focus the student on one technique and force him or her to achieve a level of confidence and mastery of that particular technique. Board breaking is a typical requirement of the Korean martial arts and students should feel assured that their safety is of the utmost importance.

Classes will usually end with sparring and/or self-defense. Sparring is the application of the blocks, kicks and punches that were taught in class, in a free-flowing and yet controlled and safe environment. Students are required to wear the appropriate safety gear in order to participate in sparring.

Self-defense practice consists of escapes, locks and takedowns from body grabs such as wrist grabs, bear-hugs and chokes. It is designed to be a practical and efficient means of realistically protecting yourself. We focus on one specific type of self-defense each month so that by the time a student reaches the level of Black Belt, he or she is able to defend against virtually any attack.

Tang Soo Do classes are up-beat, fast-paced, high-energy classes. Normally classes have between 10-20 students with each student getting instruction to improve his or her technique every class. Instructors ask the students to work hard and maintain a positive attitude. While classes are challenging, Master Locke and the other instructors ask students to merely improve each class. Not everyone is at the same physical and mental level, and comparisons between different people don’t work, but if each student pushes himself or herself to get a little better each class- to do one more push-up than last time or to kick just a little faster- then he or she will see steady, rewarding improvement.



“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”


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