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 Matayoshi Kobudo is the study of traditional Okinawan weapons.  Students will progress from learning the fundamentals of weapons training to developing a true mastery and understanding of armed combat. These classes will also afford the student the opportunity to more fully understand the movements and capabilities of weapons in order to defend against a weapon wielded against them.

Students will learn the following weapons up to the rank of Sho Dan (black belt):

    1. Bo
    2. Sai
    3. Tunkua (tonfa)
    4. Nunchaku

Each weapon is introduced and practiced primarily through hojo undo, a series of basic techniques and combinations that both introduce the student to the weapon and ensure mastery of the weapon following many years of diligent practice.

Each hojo undo is accompanied by a bunkai (application), wherein two students perform the strikes and blocks of the hojo undo; one student attaching to the proper target areas, the other learning to effectively block these attacks. This practice teaches the student the effective range of the weapons as well as the proper movement of each technique to develop the maximum power for each strike.  

Once the hojo undo are adequately understood, the student will be exposed to the kata (forms). The kata are a series of movements designed to force the student to execute a number of strikes, blocks and combinations to fully utilize the potential of the weapon. Kata should be performed with an intensity and purpose to develop an understanding of how the different movements with the weapon relate to one another.

Similar to the hojo undo, each kata has a bunkai that accompanies it. The purpose of the kata bunkai is to learn to defend against multiple assailants using the weapon. Partners for the bunkai will attack from many different angles and ranges.

Kobudo classes are highly structured and formal karate classes wherein etiquette and protocol are strictly adhered to.  Open practice times are offered every Saturday from 1:00-2:00 p.m., following normal open practice. Class size is limited to a maximum of eight students to provide enough weapons with which to train and enough space to ensure safety. Testing is administered throughout the year on an as-needed basis.



“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”


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