Merit Badges

The following badges are available for students to earn in recognition for their efforts. They are designed to reward and reinforce appropriate behavior and actions. Merit badges are awarded in class to students that exemplify the desired traits and behaviors and are worn on the uniform sleeve for everyone to see. Every student is more than capable of earning each and every merit badge offered and over the course of time should be receiving them all if we as instructors are doing our jobs properly.

1. 100% Effort

2. Accuracy

3. Attitude

4. Balance

5. Best Block

6. Best Kick

7. Best Punch

8. Commitment

9. Confidence

10. Control

11. Courtesy

12. Determination

13. Discipline

14. Fitness

15. Focus

16. Forms

17. Goals

18. Honesty

19. Knowledge

20. Leader

21. Manners

22. Memory

23. Perseverance

24. Power

25. Practice

26. Respect

27. Stances

28. Speed

29. Spirit

30. Teamwork






Giving your all during class

Hitting the target exactly where you intend to hit it

Having a positive outlook to help and to do your best

Being able to maintain your stance and your kick with stability and power

Having the most fluid and effective blocks

Having the best technique and precision with your kicks

Having the best technique and power with your punches

Sticking with something for as long as it takes until you achieve it

Being sure of yourself in a healthy and constructive manner

Stopping techniques before they make contact or making light contact

Being respectful and kind to your seniors as well as your juniors

Having the willpower and strength of character to achieve your goals

Doing what is asked of you even when it is difficult

Continuing training outside of the school through push-ups, sit-ups and other activities

Staying on task and finishing what you start

Practicing your forms all the way up outside of class at least once, every week, for a week for a year.

Setting and achieving a goal outside of karate

Telling the truth even when it might be difficult

Studying and learning about the martial arts

Taking charge and being a good example

Treating people kindly and going out of your way to help others

Remembering your terminology and school rules

Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty in achieving success

Putting maximum effort into your techniques

Training above and beyond what is required in class

Treating people the way you want to be treated

Proper foot placement and weight distribution

Executing your kicks and punches as quickly as you can

Having high energy and a desire to learn

Working well with others








“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”


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