Children's Classes

Our Children’s Classes focus on development of life skills. We worry less about getting the kids to do a perfect kick or punch (which they are perfectly capable of doing, as kids can do virtually anything asked of them), but focus more on developing focus, discipline, courtesy and respect. This gives the kids a strong foundation for the rest of their lives and helps them to become responsible and respectable members of society.

Children will learn the Five Children’s Rules and will be held accountable for following these rules:

    1. I will obey my parents
    2. I will clean my room
    3. I will use good manners
    4. I will brush my teeth
    5. I will do my homework

We teach a lot of Korean terminology in our classes. We begin each class by asking the students “Ahn young ha shim ni ka?” (“How are you?”). The kids are still in the developmental stage and are more than capable of picking up and mastering the use of terminology. Whereas most schools use the English terms for kicks and punches, we will use the Korean term. This class is designed to be an educational class, not merely a physical activity like football or baseball. We want the kids to learn more than just to kick and punch, and teaching the terminology is an excellent way to challenge them mentally.

Our school uses a merit badge system of rewards. Each month the students are focused on earning a specific merit badge. The badges are worn on the sleeve and serve the purpose of reminding the kids what attributes are important in life. The badges range from physical badges such as “Fitness” or “Stances” to attitude-type badges such as “Spirit”, “Respect” or “100% Effort”. These badges may be given out at any time during class to reinforce the appropriate behaviors and in some cases will be sent home with the parents to be given out by them. Our “Manners” and “Honesty” badges are given to the parents to be awarded to their  son or daughter for exceptional behavior such as helping someone in need, treating people with respect and courtesy out in every-day life or telling the truth when telling a lie would be the easy and convenient thing to do.  We want to encourage the appropriate behavior in the kids and the merit badges are an excellent tool to accomplish this goal.

Each child is required to bring in his or her semester report card as well as any test or report for which they deserve recognition. The instructors will make copies of the report cards and each student with an “A” or “B” average will be recognized with an “Academic Achievement” patch at the next promotion night as well as listed on our “Academic Honor Roll”. Students that are having problems at school will sit down with Master Locke and try to devise a plan to get those grades up to his or her potential. Every student in this school has increased his or her grades after starting classes. That is a claim that is very important to us and one for which we are very proud.

Children’s classes are highly structured and formal karate classes. Each class has on average between 8-20 students with 3-4 Instructors present for each class. Each student is given an abundance of individual attention in every class and asked to do his or her best every day. The kids are challenged to improve one thing in every class while at the same time having fun and learning valuable life skills. Children that participate in martial arts classes tend to be more polite, more confident and harder workers than most other kids. They learn the value of hard-work and the feeling of accomplishment when they achieve their goals.


“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”


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