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Locke's Karate Academy has been offering high quality martial arts instruction since 2004. We offer classes in the high energy, aerobic, Korean kicking style of Tang Soo Do (similar to Tae Kwon Do) as well as the hard-style, Okinawan punching martial art of Okinawan Goju-Ryu. We also began offering classes in traditional weapons through our Matayoshi Kobudo classes in 2008.

Our school offers a professional environment in which to learn these traditional martial arts.

Our students enjoy:

  1. Professional instruction from highly qualified instructors in a clean and safe environment.
  2. Traditional martial arts classes that teach the fundamentals of self-defense.
  3. A true learning environment where students are taught not only to kick and punch, but also the history, etiquette, philosophy, and basic language skills of that style (Korean or Japanese).
  4. Classes tailored specifically to children which focus on development of life skills, self-confidence, a can-do attitude and personal growth.
  5. Classes tailored to adults that focus specifically on fitness and self-defense.

At Locke's Karate Academy, we offer classes to children, ages 6-7 and 8-12 as well as to adults. Our classes are offered in the evening five days a week and during the day on Saturdays. We are proud to say that our school is not oriented primarily to children as are most martial arts schools, but we do have excellent diversity of students of all ages that benefit from the training we have to offer. Students are not limited in the number of classes the may attend, but are encouraged to come as often as they like to truly train to their full potential.



“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”


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